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Find Your Path to Peace - eBook

Find Your Path to Peace by Healing Your Soul

Strengthen Your Confidence, Build Self-Esteem and Restore Peace of Mind by Connecting with Your Soul’s Essence

Your soul is the essence of you. It is who you are and why you’re here. It knows your life’s mission and the lessons you must learn during your time here.

Your soul holds the awareness of your truths and your self-deceptions. It is the conflict between your truths and your self-deceptions that causes emotional pain, self-sabotaging actions and repetitive patterns of caustic behavior.

In order to grow and advance to higher levels of healing, knowledge and awareness, you must accept certain truths as your truths. You must let go of your self-deceptions. They are causing you emotional pain and distracting you from connecting with your soul, with your essence, and with the true meaning and purpose of your life.

This book contains 52 healing messages of truth. Yes, there are many more, but these are 52 of the most universally needed and immediately beneficial.

Brief by design, this book can be read in its entirety, or one message per week for a full year of breakthrough, permanent healing and self-actualization.

My recommendation is that you initially look through all 52 messages as listed in the Table of Contents. Choose one that resonates with you in this moment, and read the full message several times. Each message includes 3 Self-Actualization exercises to review immediately after reading the message, and again whenever a painful or negative emotion surfaces.

Anger, frustration, fear, self-doubt, jealousy, envy, despair, impatience, selfishness etc. are “red flags”. They surface to direct your attention to a life-lesson you haven’t yet learned.

When you feel a painful or negative emotion, my suggestion is to read any of the 52 messages that resonate with you in that moment, and then focus on the 3 Self-Actualization questions provided with each message.

Take your time. Absorb the messages and explore your emotions through the Self-Actualization questions.

The messages have been presented in a format that is similar to affirmations, in order to be easily assimilated by the subconscious mind. Like affirmations they can, and should be used immediately upon waking, again at bedtime and numerous times throughout your day (especially if you are feeling any of the painful or negative emotions mentioned earlier).

Just like affirmations … repeat as necessary!

Some messages may appear to repeat a similar theme. The actual “truth” of each message is, however, unique and specific. Some will resonate with you and others will not. This is as it should be.

Your life has a purpose. A deeper connection with your soul will make the journey to fulfill your life’s purpose effortless and joyful.

Experience these messages of truth. Allow them to help heal and deepen your connection with your soul while strengthening your confidence, building your self-esteem and restoring your peace of mind.

Your soul’s “wish list” is short, but its healing capacity is infinite. It wishes you could know what a miracle you are. How wonderful and special you truly are.
Your soul wishes you could see what a contribution you are … simply by being.

Your soul wishes that you could see how close you are to unconditional love. That you are surrounded by it and filled with it … and to connect with it, you just need to know it.

Discover and truly know your path to inner peace by exploring these 52 healing messages.

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  Find Your Path to Peace by Healing Your Soul - EBOOK
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